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Supervision for Mindfulness Teachers

I've been delivering Breathworks mindfulness-based courses since 2010. I teach  on Breathworks non-residential and residential intensives and training retreats. I deliver MBSR  and MSC (mindful self-compassion) Courses. I access supervision and supravision (for the supervisory work I do), with  Pamela Erdmann (Centre for Mindfulness, Massachusetts, USA). I deliver Mindful Self-Compassion courses and access supervision from The Centre for Mindful Self Compassion (USA). I've completed a 3 day supervision training course with The Centre for Mindfulness, Bangor University.

Personal Practice
My regular formal practice is mindfulness of breathing, metta bhavana and devotional practices. 
I draw upon a range of informal mindfulness-based and self compassion practices. I support my meditation practice and personal development in a range of ways e.g. Intensive one-to-one work, regular dharma study, regular retreats and contact with other practitioners. 


What I Offer
I offer 60 or 30 minute long supervision sessions via skype or telephone. I'm interested in your personal processing, in how you meet mindfully (or otherwise) whatever arises during teaching and preparation. I'm also interested in continuity; in how mindfulness is incorporated into your daily life and the implications that integration has for you, your practice and your personal development. 


What Is Supervision?
Supervision is a space contracted between supervisor and supervisee and offers a space for the supervisee to reflect on their teaching practice, and to explore how their personal meditation practice informs and interacts with the teaching process. This space is also an opportunity to explore practical issues which may arise.


Making The Most of Supervision
It's useful to keep a brief record of any particular issues that arise during any teaching session so that you can refer to these during supervision. Its also useful to prioritise two or three issues  you'd like to cover during the session, also noting down any questions that you would like to explore. Both you and your supervisor are responsible for staying on track during the session.

Breathworks Supervision
To register as a mindfulness teacher you will need to be supervised for 2 8 week courses. It is recommended that new Breathworks teachers (post practice course) access supervision at the beginning, middle and end of an 8 week course. If you're delivering different configurations of the 8 week course i.e. The 4 session Mindfulness for Stress Course, please negotiate contact time with your supervisor.

Its recommended that more experienced Breathworks teachers access supervision twice or so over the length of a course, while this is a suggestion contact time should be informed by the needs of the situation, group and supervisor. 


Cost of Supervision and Ways To Pay:

£50.00 per hour
£25.00 per half hour


Please contact for payment details

Looking forward to working with you