Teaching from the Heart - Compassion Master Class with Colette Power PhD


I am larger, better than I thought; I did not know I held so much goodness (Walt Witman)

Self-compassion and compassion is the most powerful medicine on earth. It has the power to transform our consciousness, our relationship to suffering, and our understanding of the world. In this one day master class we'll be deepening our understanding of what self-compassion and compassion mean and taking a closer look at some of the obstacles that prevent us from being kinder towards ourselves. We'll also explore some of the different and unexpected issues that may arise when we practice self-compassion and when we teach self-compassion skills to others. We'll practice together the four compassion-based practices delivered on the Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Course, and through them explore four aspects of love; loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.

This class is suitable for those wishing to enquire more deeply into the possibilities of compassion-based approaches, and for those whose personal or mindfulness-based teaching includes practice significant emphasis on kindness and compassion.

May 13th 2018, Manchester Buddist Centre, UK.

Registration 9.30am finishes 5.00pm.

Cost TBC

Full details and booking for this event please visit http://www.breathworks-mindfulness.org.uk/


Mindfulness-based Enquiry Masterclass

October 27th - 28th 2018

Manchester Buddhist Centre, UK

Cost TBC




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