Missing Class - A One Day Workshop Exploring Class Awareness with Colette Power PhD


Overview and key learning objectives

This experiential workshop provides the opportunity to raise class awareness and to explore, identify and address classism within the mindfulness field. The workshop supports organisations to become more inclusive and individuals to become more aware.

We will:

  • Explore cultural beliefs about social class
  • Explore class barriers
  • Identify the conditions that maintain unfair advantage, that limit accessibility or inhibit participation
  • Build cross-class alliances


Who is the training for?
This training is suitable for anyone working within the mindfulness field including teachers (new and established), trainers, supervisors, mentors and administrators.


What are the requirements to attend?
Involvement in teaching mindfulness or dharma-based approaches and an interest in exploring inequality, diversity and widening accessibility.


What is involved:
The first step in promoting equality and accessibility is to change people's hearts and minds. Authentic human connection in a mixed-class group can be transformational for everyone. Through interactive group learning we will explore each other's class stories with curiosity and compassion. We will also have the opportunity to explore how classism is expressed on an organisational level and the steps that we can take to increase inclusion.

The Trainer

Colette Power is a MN supervisor and retreat leader. She has been teaching mindfulness-based courses with a significant emphasis on compassion-based practices since 2011. She is a Certified Mindful Self-Compassion teacher and supervisor. She has been extensively trained in mindfulness-based approaches and engages in a rigorous, ongoing process of training and supervision. Colette offers meditation and mindfulness-based retreats across Europe.


Dates of the next workshop

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Teaching from the Heart - Compassion Master Class with Colette Power PhD


I am larger, better than I thought; I did not know I held so much goodness (Walt Witman)

Self-compassion and compassion is the most powerful medicine on earth. It has the power to transform our consciousness, our relationship to suffering, and our understanding of the world. In this one day master class we'll be deepening our understanding of what self-compassion and compassion mean and taking a closer look at some of the obstacles that prevent us from being kinder towards ourselves. We'll also explore some of the different and unexpected issues that may arise when we practice self-compassion and when we teach self-compassion skills to others. We'll practice together the four compassion-based practices delivered on the Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Course, and through them explore four aspects of love; loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.

This class is suitable for those wishing to enquire more deeply into the possibilities of compassion-based approaches, and for those whose personal or mindfulness-based teaching includes practice significant emphasis on kindness and compassion.


Dates of the next workshop

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Mindfulness-based Enquiry Masterclass

Flowering from Within: Exploring Mindful Enquiry with Colette Power PhD

Whether we are conducting self-enquiry or enquiring into the experience of participants attending a mindfulness course, mindful enquiry offers each one of us the opportunity to become our own best teacher and guide.

Enquiry can help us to understand ourselves better and how we suffer unnecessarily because of the way we react to different and difficult experiences. Enabling us to see more clearly and to choose more wisely, this practice offers the opportunity for us to reduce suffering while awakening our potential, creativity and resourcefulness.

This two-day workshop is suitable for mindfulness teachers and meditation practitioners. Over the two days we'll be exploring the theory and practice of mindful enquiry within the context of Breathworks Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress Courses. There will be space to practice enquiry in a supportive group, to build skills, competence and confidence. There will be space for participants to explore their existing practice and to consider areas of development.


Dates of the next workshop

Please see the courses schedule


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