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We know mindfulness works...that it reduces stress and anxiety, reduces negative and critical thoughts and helps us build a more balanced perspective on ourselves, others and the world around us. We know it can support our wellbeing and improve the quality of our life's hard to establish a regular practice...and it's hard to stick to it.

The Breathworks Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Course will:

  • help you to establish a regular meditation practice
  • provide you with a range of mindfulness-based practices
  • inspire you to keep going

As your Breathworks trainer Colette will provide support and guidance, will help you make the most of the training time and to integrate your practice into your daily routine. All participants are asked for the duration of the course to undertake a daily practice, six days a week. This commitment will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from courses.


Breathworks mindfulness courses are similar to other mindfulness courses, for example, Jon Kabat Zinn's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy courses (probably 90% in common), but they are also a little different too and this is crucial.


The course includes:

  • Formal meditation practices
  • Informal mindfulness practices which will help you integrate mindfulness into your daily life
  • breath awareness, body scan,
  • discussion time and taught theory

You do not need to have experience of meditation to do this course. All practices are fully explained and taught in a supportive group context and you’ll have Cd’s to take home to help you with your practice. By the end of the course you will have a toolkit of techniques which will help you deal with everyday stress and support a richer, calmer life.


Training to Teach

If you want to go on to teach mindfulness-based approaches you will first be required to participate in a teacher-led mindfulness course. Breathworks courses (mindfulness-based stress management and mindfulness-based pain and illness management courses) are recognised by the UK Mindfulness Trainers Network. Completing a Breathworks course is the first step towards becoming a mindfulness training.


Booking a place

Standard course fee £195 (there are a small number of concessions available for people on state benefit or low income).

You can reserve a place on the course by completing the below booking form and paying the full course fee.


  • You can pay by cheque, cash or BACS.
  • Please let me know when you make a payment.
  • If you would like to send a cheque let me know and I'll forward you the address. Please make cheques payable to C. Power.
  • For BACS payments: Bank Name: The Cooperative Bank, Sort Code: 089300, Account Number: 78077214. Please use your full name as a reference.
  • A receipt confirming your place on the course will be sent when you return this form along with payment.


Dates of the next course

Please see the courses schedule


Greenbank Sports Academy Conference Centre, Greenbank Lane, Liverpool 17, L17 1AG Free parking/cafe.


Body scan

A 10 minute meditation to help you step out of stressful activity or stressful thinking and step into the present moment.

You can do the Body Scan meditation anywhere, sitting on the bus, in a queue, at your desk at work.

Feedback from Colette's Breathworks Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Courses


This is the best, most valuable course I have ever done. I've gained a new way of living, insight into why stress happens and ways to identify and manage it.

A brilliant course I would definitely recommend to others.

A lovely, warm learning environment with some valuable insights and strategies that I'm going to find really useful.

Done lots of courses and Colette's is exceptional - knowledge - practice - sharing own experiences.

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