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Creative Process


When we stop identifying with mental habits that fix us and cut us off from others and the world, when we can let go, the world suddenly opens and we can see it, hear it and connect with it in a different way. When the barriers of endless planning, comparing, story-making are not in the way anymore creativity can bloom. Creativity can include writing a poem or painting or generating solutions to relationship or work difficulties.

Martine Batchelor


In his book, 'Poetry in the Making', Ted Hughes talks about how he learnt to settle his mind on one thing;

I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours staring at a float... Those of you who have never done it, might think it is a very drowsy pastime. It is anything but that. All the little nagging impulses, that are normally distracting your mind, dissolve. They have to dissolve if you are to go on fishing. If they do not, then you cannot settle down: you get bored and pack up in a bad temper. But once they have dissolved, you enter one of the orders of bliss. Your whole being rests lightly on the float, but not drowsily: very alert, so that the least twitch of the float arrives like an electric shock.....fishing with a float is a sort of mental exercise in concentration on a small point, while at the same time letting your imagination work freely to collect everything that might concern that still point.

Hughs fed his creative capacities through this kind of meditative activity. You don’t have to go fishing. Learn to meditate instead! Focussing the mind on a single point and practicing letting distractions and barriers to your creativity dissolve.


Mindfulness is key to developing and nourishing your creative focus.